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Hidden Gem: Heinz Creates a Dispenser Ring for Ketchup Fans

The Heinz sauce brand presented a non-standard advertising campaign, the main character of which was a piece of jewelry called “La Joya Oculta” (“The Hidden Jewel”), writes WomanEL.

This original piece of jewelry ideally extended the brand’s marketing strategy, directed against restaurant owners who banned his ketchup. Heinz turned a billboard into a ketchup dispenser near restaurants that decided to stop serving it to their customers.

A hidden gem. Source: Instagram

At Heinz, we love our fans as much as they love our ketchup. With “Hidden Gem,” we demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions so that our loyal consumers can enjoy the authentic taste of Heinz, no matter where or what they eat,

noted Juliet B. de Laurentiis, Chief Marketing Officer The Kraft Heinz Company.

The innovative ring, created by industrial engineers, is designed for repeated use. It is based on biodegradable capsules with ketchup, which can be used to fill a ring.

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