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Holiday in the middle of war: Indposhiv gives 12 wedding suits for Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers

The Ukrainian brand Indposhiv decided to organize a holiday for military personnel who intend to get married. On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, the brand has made 12 classic wedding suits for free, writes WomanEL.

A holiday amidst war. Source: Instagram

Indposhiv is engaged in tailoring bespoke wardrobes for men. Each suit is handcrafted to British Tailors Guild standards using precious Italian and English fabrics. It takes approximately 80 hours of manual labor to make one suit.

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According to the founder of the brand, Ekaterina Vozianova, she was pleasantly surprised by the fact that, despite the war, people continue to create new families and get married. In this way they prove that they believe in the future. The company is always thinking about how we can be useful, other than regularly donating and supporting the economy of our country.

Recently, my friend, on whom we collect money for the needs of several units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and whose loved one is fighting, said that she dreams of marrying her this year. And so that we sew a suit for the wedding with her groom,

Ekaterina said.

That’s how the idea was born to make a contribution that the brand can afford. Indposhiv will make 12 suits or dress uniforms for free throughout 2024 for the weddings of those who are currently serving and protecting us all. In order to become one of the twelve military personnel, you need to fill out a form.

Indposhiv is giving away 12 wedding suits for Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers. Source: Instagram With faith in the future… Source: Instagram

With help random.org we will select twelve military men for whom we will create a bespoke suit or uniform at our expense,

the brand notes.

Since tailoring a suit takes two months, you will also need to come at least once Kiev to take measurements and discuss all components of the costume.

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