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How high heels affect your health: 3 surprising benefits

When it's time for a formal event or just a stroll around town, many of us wear heels to enhance our appearance. For some, it's a fun opportunity to dress up. But for other people, the idea of ​​wearing wedges or stilettos is intimidating, due to concerns about discomfort or instability. Usually people think about how high heels affect their health in a negative way. But don’t rush to conclusions.

ContentHow high heels affect your health: they will help you walk betterYou will become a better runnerHow high heels affect your health: they will improve your sex lifeThere are some disadvantages that you should be aware of know

Several studies have found surprising health benefits associated with wearing high heels. WomanEL will share with you the findings of scientists.

How high heels affect your health: they will help you walk better

Although we typically associate high heels with negative health effects, a recent study contradicts previous theories. A study published in March in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that heels can actually make you walk more efficiently.

Researchers asked a small group of men and women who rarely wore heels to wear a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Top sneakers with a foam wedge attached to the sole, giving them a heel height of 2.5 to 3 inches. At the beginning of the study, the length of the participants' calf muscles was assessed, as well as the stiffness of their Achilles tendons. The researchers also noted how much energy they expended while walking for five minutes in wedges and flat sneakers.

After 14 weeks, the study showed surprising results. Those who regularly wore wedge running shoes expended less energy when performing the same walking test on a wedge and a flat treadmill. This means they were more effective. Those who stopped wearing wedges at the beginning of 14 weeks had no change in energy when walking on wedges or flats.

These changes may be especially beneficial for older adults, lead study author Owen N. Beck, an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Texas at Austin, told The Washington Post. As we age, the Achilles tendon often weakens, negatively affecting walking speed. Heels could potentially counteract this by strengthening the Achilles tendon, making walking “less strenuous.”

You will become a better runner

Heels can also be useful for runners. Regarding the recent study, Beck told WaPo that a stiffer Achilles tendon “captures more energy with every step.” This means that heels can make runners faster and more efficient. But balance is important, not wearing heels every day.

How High Heels Benefit Your Health: They Will Improve Your Sex Life

Studies have also shown that high heels can have a positive impact on your sex life. But, surprisingly, this is not related to self-confidence.

This was stated by Maria Angela Cerruto, a doctor, researcher and urologist from the Italian University of Verona. In 2008, in the journal European Urology, she presented data on the effect of ankle position on the electrical activity of the pelvic floor muscles in women with stress urinary incontinence (involuntary sudden loss of urine).

When the researchers looked deeper into the issue, also assessing the continent's women (those who could control their bladder) under the age of 50, they found that those who held their leg at an angle of 15 degrees (about the same as a 5-degree angle can create) centimeter heel) had 15 percent less electrical activity in the pelvic muscles.

The decrease in electrical activity indicates that the pelvic muscles were more relaxed when women wore heels. This meant that the muscles were stronger and had a better ability to contract. Since these muscles are directly responsible for sexual pleasure, the reduction in electrical activity and resulting relaxation can lead to better sex.

There are some disadvantages you should be aware of

Despite some benefits of wearing high heels, there are disadvantages more, Source: freepik.com

Several studies have focused on the potential benefits of wearing high heels. But there is plenty of research about the detrimental effects, including problems with balance, postural stability, foot problems and pain.

Before you decide to wear stilettos every day, you may want to consult your doctor or podiatrist to find out if heels are safe for you.

If you already have calluses, wearing shoes adds pain. But we know how to alleviate your condition.

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