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How the marriage of Taras Topoli and Alyosha withstood the difficulties of distance and jealousy

The lead singer of the Antibodies group, Taras Topolya, openly shared the secret of how he managed to maintain a warm relationship with his wife Alyosha, even when they were on different continents, and expressed his opinion about jealousy in marriage, writes WomanEL.

During the interview, the singer admitted that mutual trust reigns in their relationship. Taras Topolya personally does not feel jealous of his wife in relation to other men. Their marriage survived the test of long distance during the war. Alyosha and her children were in the USA, while Taras remained in Ukraine. However, the lovers managed to maintain their relationship thanks to constant communication. Therefore, the singer, from his own experience, told how other couples can avoid the negative impact of distance on their relationship.

Taras Topol and Alyosha: a story a marriage that has withstood all trials. Source: instagram.com/alyoshasinger

I'm not jealous at all. And Elena – at least sometimes she pretends to be. I can advise other women and men – there is the Internet. You can contact each other. Even at the front there is the Internet, it is possible to say that everything is fine with me. The war separated millions of people whose household responsibilities in another country fell on the shoulders of women, along with financial difficulties and, and this is very important, the lack of sex, the celebrity said.

Additionally, he believes that openness and honesty are the keys to a successful relationship. In addition, the intimate side of the relationship is also of great importance. Taras Topolya advises not to be shy about sending each other spicy videos in order to maintain desire for each other.

In our family, children are a very important foundation on which to build future family. They keep us together. Two egoists always have their own cockroaches in their heads, but children are a shared responsibility,

notes the artist.

Taras Topol and Alyosha: the story of a marriage that withstood all the tests. Source: instagram.com/alyoshasinger

Taras Topolya emphasized that for him and Alyosha, children are a great responsibility. They do everything possible to ensure their happiness and well-being. It is worth noting that when a full-scale war began, Alyosha moved to America with the kids, and Taras Topolya remained in Ukraine to serve. They rarely managed to see each other, and only in the fall of 2023 Alyosha returned to Ukraine.

By the way, it recently became known that Taras Topolya and Alyosha will release a common song for the first time.

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