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How to Cook Scrambled Eggs Like a Pro: 3 Chef Tips

Cooking scrambled eggs is a delicate art. One mistake can result in eggs that are dry, tasteless, or too runny. This also applies to scrambled eggs. Luckily, Kimbal Musk, a seasoned professional chef, is willing to share his secrets on how to make scrambled eggs quickly and deliciously.

ContentHow to Cook Scrambled Eggs: 3 Important Steps Practice with Intention Don't Multitask Invest in the Right Pan and Use It Every Time How to Cook Scrambled Eggs – chatter at home: conclusion

In the MindbodyGreen podcast, an expert shared unconventional tips that can take your culinary skills to an almost professional level. WomanEL publishes them for you.

How to Make Scrambled Eggs: 3 Important Steps

Practice with intention

Musk believes that scrambled eggs are so often spoiled because people do not exercise. But the number of times you cook eggs—whether scrambled, scrambled, poached, or whatever—doesn't count as practice in the artistic sense.

He quotes bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, who says, “It's not 10,000 hours of exercise that's important; what matters is 10,000 hours where every hour is dedicated to learning – and that is a very important distinction.” In this scenario, egg making is a sport, and a high-tech one at that.

Musk recommends practicing an egg recipe, whether it's scrambled eggs or a fancy omelet, four or five times, using excellent recipe books (or even just online recipes) if you need advice. Experts can advise on optimal temperatures, cooking times, stirring methods, etc., saving you time at the stove.

Don't multitask

Before you start scrambling, it's important to understand that multitasking will not help your efforts. Take the time to prepare the sausage, avocado toast, or fruit salad before diving into the eggs.

Even Musk's cookbook recipe for a delicate scramble, which he says he's made thousands of times, can go awry if he gets distracted. Play background music and focus on the egg. Alternatively, enjoy the silence of watching it sizzle, stirring as needed according to your recipe. Use this moment as a peaceful break.

Invest in the right frying pan and use it every time

Which frying pan to cook scramble in, Source: freepik.com

Nonstick pans can be useful for easily cooking scrambled eggs, but many may contain PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” that should be avoided.

Why? Well, there are studies suggesting that exposure to PFAS can cause hormonal imbalances, reproductive problems and some types of cancer in animals and humans, although scientists are still not sure about the level of exposure that is harmful to health.

It's better to play it safe and find a ceramic-coated pan (and find a company that will disclose where they source this ceramic material from) or invest in another material such as cast iron, glass, stainless steel, etc.

It is very important to keep an eye on the eggs, stir frequently and grease the pan with oil beforehand. You can also reduce the heat to prevent the egg from sticking.

Once you find the perfect frying pan that suits your tastes, set up a routine of using the same frying pan over and over again, or take the time to master the one you already have by dedicating its optimization for use for eggs.

How to Make Scrambled Eggs at Home: Conclusion

Improving your scramble requires deliberate practice and focused attention. Kimbal Musk emphasizes the importance of deliberate practice and mindfulness, and recommends using the same pan over and over again.

If you want to know exactly what to add to eggs to create a fluffy scramble, read here.

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