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How to Make Smoothies Delicious Every Time: 6 Steps

Want to add variety to your breakfast or snack? Little time? Or do you want to take food with you to work? Make a smoothie. If you're wondering how to make smoothies that taste great every time, you've come to the right place (because, as it turns out, a lot of people make mistakes).

ContentHow to make a smoothie: always start with liquid Use frozen fruit How to make a smoothie: make it thick, but not too thick Not be afraid of varietyHow to make a smoothie: use the right blenderFollow the correct order of ingredients

WomanEL will share with you tips from PureWoW that will teach you how to prepare this simple and nutritious drink correctly at home.

How to make a smoothie: always start with liquid

If you want to break all the other rules of smoothie making, at least follow this one. Always start by adding the liquid base to the blender. It doesn't matter what type of liquid you use, but the order is important to ensure your smoothie actually turns into a creamy mixture.

The liquid base allows the blades of your machine to easily spin and draw in the other ingredients like a vortex. Plus, if you add any powdered supplements, such as collagen or protein, they will dissolve more easily in the liquid.

Use frozen fruit

Making a smoothie with fresh fruit won't be the end of the world. But using frozen fruit will keep the drink super cold without adding ice and maintain the perfect consistency. Store frozen pineapples, mangoes, berries and the like in the freezer. But you can also freeze your own fresh fruit if it's ripe and in season. This is a great way to save money and eat healthy foods all year round.

How to make a smoothie: make it thick, but not too thick

The smoothie should not be too thin and too thick, Source: freepik.com

Smoothies are not ice cream, so you can drink them through a straw without any problems. Make sure you use enough liquid to blend easily, but not so much that the smoothie is too thin. How to achieve balance? Maintain a 2:1 fruit to liquid ratio and adjust as needed. Is the smoothie too thick? Add more liquid. Very runny? Try thickening with something like banana, avocado, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, or a spoonful of nut butter.

Don't be afraid of diversity

Speaking of add-ins, don't think you're limited to fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Add flavor to your smoothie by using flavor and texture enhancers such as spices, extracts, nuts and seeds. Some of our favorites include ground cinnamon, fresh ginger, vanilla extract, and flax seeds. Sweeteners and acidity can also balance out the flavor of your smoothie—try honey or maple syrup for a more complex sweetness, or fresh lemon or lime juice for a tart flavor.

How to Make a Smoothie: Use the Right Blender

If you try to make an ultra-creamy berry smoothie with a 12-year-old blender you bought for $7 at a garage sale, you won't be happy with the results . A high-speed blender is not absolutely necessary for making smoothies, but it will give you the best texture in no time.

Follow the correct order of ingredients

Making a smoothie is like solving a math equation. The key is to follow the correct order of operations. Simply think of your smoothie as a layered drink and add the ingredients to the blender in the following order: liquids, powders and sweeteners, greens, thickeners (like banana, nut butter and yogurt) and finally frozen foods (including fruit and ice) .

If you are making your smoothie in a blender with a cup rather than a pitcher, you will need to add the ingredients in reverse order as you will have to turn it upside down to attach it to the base.

Someone on the Internet claims that smoothies are bad for your blood sugar levels. But is this true? Here's what we found out.

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