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How to Romanticize Your Career to Get Through Hard Work Days

We all know what a bad day at work looks like. What about the opposite? How often do we take the time to think about a good day at work when we go out for a walk, choose a really nice place for lunch, complete all our tasks and end the day meeting colleagues or friends for a glass of limoncello? Sounds perfect? We are ready to provide you with career advice that will bring you closer to your goal.

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Yes, stories of toxic workplaces are becoming increasingly commonplace, with 80% of workers saying they experience high levels of stress at work. But according to health expert and social media strategist Georgie May, you need to look on the bright side more often. And it can be a useful tool for getting through difficult periods in your career. WomanEL will share her advice with you.

Career Advice: Why Romanticize Your Job?

“Let's face it: work isn't always a walk in the park. Emails pile up, meetings drag on, and the tasks on your to-do list seem never-ending. But even on those difficult days when you wonder if it's time to quit, returning to a sense of purpose and a positive attitude about your work can really change your mindset, explains Georgie.

At the end of the day, we all come home after a particularly tough day and vow to never set foot in that office again. But then we can calm down, relax and realize that one or two bad days does not necessarily mean bad work. However, the key to making even the worst days seem a little more bearable is to lean into the romanticism of it all.

Of course, romance and work may not be the most obvious combination. But the ongoing trend on social media to “romanticize your life” is being used as a motivational tool for everything from helping you get up earlier to sticking to an exercise regimen.

“Our brains are biased toward negativity and are hardwired to focus on potential threats from -which can make it easy for us to lose sight of the positive aspects of our work,” explains May.

Career Tips: How to Romanticize Your Work

Mindfulness and meditation will help you look at work from a different angle, Source: freepik .com

There are some subtle changes in mindset that can help you change the way you perceive work, making it less like a daily chore and more like a fulfilling activity.

Practice gratitude

Research has shown that in both your personal and work life, a daily gratitude practice can improve sleep, mood and immunity, as well as provide other mental health benefits. May suggests using a notepad or notes app to write down a few things you're grateful for in your professional life. This could be anything from support from a colleague, a recent achievement, a challenging project, or even the satisfaction of completing a challenging task. By consciously acknowledging the positive aspects of your work, you shift your focus and develop a more grateful outlook.

Plan daily mindfulness

For an extra dose of positivity, consider scheduling 5-10 minutes of mindfulness midday to ground yourself and regroup. Incorporating mindfulness practices, such as short meditations, deep breathing exercises, or playing classical music in the background, can help you manage stress, improve concentration, and develop a sense of calm even amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Try changing your working place

Neuroscientists have found that dedicated “work zones” (called spatial associations) can help improve productivity. Therefore, it is obvious that the environment significantly influences our thinking. However, creating a workspace that sparks joy and surrounds you with inspiration and/or motivation can also have a positive impact, says May. It makes sense: Imagine walking into a cluttered, dimly lit workspace. Not exactly inspiring, right? Now imagine a well-organized table with a flickering scented candle and a bouquet of fresh flowers adding a pop of color. Which scenario do you find more motivating?

Whether it's inspirational quotes, photos of loved ones, aesthetically pleasing desktop wallpaper, a comfortable chair or stylish desk accessories, pay attention to what makes you feel good in your work environment . A little effort can go a long way toward creating a space that promotes a good work mindset, no matter your job.

We mentioned workspaces, but let's talk more about them. If you work from home, you especially need them.

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