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How to wash microfiber clothes: stupid mistakes that ruin them

You can wash almost anything with a microfiber cloth. From the kitchen to the garage, these cleaners do a great job removing dirt and grime. This is due to the millions of positively charged polyester fibers and negatively charged nylon fibers that make up microfiber fabric. However, you should know how to wash microfiber items so as not to reduce their effectiveness.

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Fabric softeners, bleaches and failure to separate laundry can damage microfiber fabrics. WomanEL will share with you tricks for caring for them and list common mistakes that many of us have made.

How to wash microfiber items: avoid these mistakes

Many of the laundry products and habits you're probably used to are not recommended for use with microfiber cloths. For example, fabric softener can clog up the millions of fibers that give microfiber fabric its cleaning properties. This will not allow the fabric to clean and absorb stains as effectively as it should. Fabric softeners also get rid of electrostatic energy, which helps microfiber fabrics work. When washing this material, do not use fabric softener.

Bleach should also not be used on microfiber cloths. This chemical will eventually break down the fibers of the material, and it will likely tear more easily.

Certain washing machine settings can also damage microfiber. Before loading these fabrics into any machine, separate them into separate loads. This way you can clean them using exactly the settings they need. Do not wash or dry microfiber cloths at high temperatures. Also reduce your use of laundry detergent on microfiber fabrics. You only need to use a tablespoon or two of plain detergent.

After you put items in the dryer, refrain from adding dryer sheets or balls. As mentioned earlier, laundry detergents that remove electrostatic energy may prevent this material from doing its job.

Other tips for washing microfiber items

Faith softener should not be used to wash items made from microfiber, Source: freepik.com

Washing your microfiber cloths properly will help them last longer and you won't have to buy them as often. This will also help them clean up clutter more effectively. To properly wash microfiber cloths, start by separating them from the rest of your laundry. You might consider adding a separate small basket to store items between washes. This way, you don't have to waste time sorting them.

Then shake each rag over the trash can one at a time to remove dust and excess dirt. Place them in the washing machine and add one to two tablespoons of unscented and additive-free laundry detergent of your choice. If your microfiber cloths have a lingering odor, you can also add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the washing machine to get rid of it.

Wash fabrics on a delicate cycle in cool water. You can choose warm water if the rags are very dirty, but remember to avoid hot water. To dry microfiber cloths, simply place them in the dryer on low or air dry.

How often should you wash microfiber items

As Maytag writes, ideally Microfiber towels and cloths should be washed after each use to remove dirt and grease collected during cleaning and to avoid transferring dirt to the next surface.

Although many of us keep cleaning supplies in the kitchen, it is dangerous to do so for good health. And here's why.

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