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Hype and the Ukrainian language – Klopotenko spoke Nightingale because of quotas?

Popular Ukrainian chef and restaurateur Evgeniy Klopotenko expressed his attitude towards the Ukrainian language and the need for its use on television. In his latest interview, he emphasized that during the long war in Ukraine, many residents and stars of the country are actively switching to the Ukrainian language, writes WomanEL.

Klopotenko noted that although this is a positive step, many Ukrainian artists use Ukrainian language only on camera, without observing it in everyday life. He emphasized that this does not contribute to the full development of the Ukrainian language culture.

The restaurateur said that he was invited on television to communicate in the Ukrainian language, as part of a quota that forced him to use the Ukrainian language on air. He admitted that this later prompted him to fully switch to Ukrainian, but noted that such a transition does not happen for all celebrities. Evgeniy said that switching to nightingale because of quotas is not bad.

I know a lot of people who only communicate in Ukrainian on camera, because society forced quotas. I started speaking Ukrainian on television not because I wanted to, but because they chose a chef who knew Ukrainian because they needed quotas. Everyone who shouts that we are Ukrainian, they simply won’t let you in with a Russian. Let's talk about how you communicate behind the scenes… The Ukrainian context, unfortunately, has not won yet

the cook emphasized.

Evgeniy Klopotenko reveals the secrets of the Ukrainian language space. Source: facebook.com/ievgen.klopotenko

Klopotenko believes that the main point in the transition to the Ukrainian language should be an understanding of its importance and love for it. He warns that allowing those who promote the Ukrainian language into the public space just for the sake of hype can be dangerous, since these individuals can easily return to using the Russian language when it is convenient for them.

The Ukrainian restaurateur called on all fans of the Ukrainian language understand the essence of its use and be ready to switch to it fully and consciously. His words indicate the need for constant support of the native language and the importance of introducing mechanisms that promote its active use in all spheres of society.

By the way, Olya Polyakova recently responded to Klopotenok’s criticism in her direction.

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