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I feel sorry for the child: Andrei Dzhedzhuly’s ex spoke about his attitude towards his daughter and child support

The ex-wife of Ukrainian presenter Andrei Dzhedzhula, blogger Yulia Leus, spoke about her relationship with her ex-husband and the issue of custody of their daughter Adeline, writes WomanEL.

On her Instagram, Leus said that between her and Andrei is still The scandal over custody of little Adeline has been going on for some time now. According to Leus, her father shows no interest in his daughter’s fate and has not communicated with her for six months. This causes sadness and disappointment for the blogger, who believes that the little girl lacks parental attention. Yulia Leus also confirmed that Andrei Dzhedzhula regularly pays alimony. However, she emphasized that this is done solely out of fear of the law.

If you you think that people change, this is not the case. For six months he never asked her once. I'm already silent that I could call to see. He pays some alimony because the state obliges everything on this. And most importantly, he is being sued for her. I feel very sorry for her, because she lacks male attention

the influencer admitted.

Yulia Leus expressed concern relationship between Dzhedzhuly and his daughter.

It is worth noting that after the divorce, Andrei Dzhedzhula and Yulia Leus cannot find a common language regarding custody of their daughter. Dzhedzhula claims that Leus is preventing him from communicating with his daughter and has filed a lawsuit against her. In turn, Leus believes that Andrei is not interested in his child at all and is trying to use this in court.

By the way, Andrei Dzhedzhula’s son recently sharply responded to his father’s haters.

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