• 22/06/2024 21:48

Incredible transformation: how Shania Twain changed her appearance beyond recognition

Shania Twain confused fans after she shared an unrecognizable selfie on her Instagram account, writes WomanEL.

The 58-year-old country singer showed off a glowing photo in which she shows off her pink hair from a new shoot for the cover of Haute Living.

Twain said the photo captured all the «fun» she had that day, and noted that she liked the change because it made her look younger.

New photograph of Twain. Gerello: Instagram.

However, numerous fans couldn't help but notice how different Twain looked in the photo.

In recent years, the artist has experimented with blonde, red and pink, and the reason for this was that she had gone gray.

It was previously reported that the star was embarrassed while performing on stage.

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