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Incredible transformation: Ksenia Mishina became a blonde

34-year-old Ukrainian actress Ksenia Mishina this time surprised her fans and colleagues with an unexpected new look. The star became a blonde, reports WomanEL.

On her Instagram page, Ksenia published photos in which she poses in a blue velor dress with inserts of stones. The actress chose this image for a project on the TET channel. Thanks to her choice of outfit, accessories and new hairstyle, she created a unique look that emphasizes her sophisticated taste and style.

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In memory of incredible transformations,

written by Mishina.

It is worth noting that changing the hair color not only gives Ksenia freshness, but also great highlights her beautiful facial features.

Subscribers left many comments and noticed her resemblance to famous American celebrities – Megan Fox and Madonna.

  • You look good in any image.
  • At first I thought it was Megan Fox.
  • Gorgeous as always.
  • You remind me of Madonna in this image.

By the way, fans are looking forward to what other unexpected images their favorite actress has prepared for them. Ksenia Mishina again proved that she knows how to surprise the audience. Previously, the star showed how her figure transformed before and after losing weight.

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