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Interactive exhibition of Ukrainian artists at Avangarden: forming our own point of view

An interactive exhibition “Point of View” by Ukrainian artists Evgeniy Klimenko, Anna Pridatko and Zakhar Shevchuk has opened in the capital’s Avangarden gallery. This project is an exploration by artists of the theme of diversity of interpretations of the world and the formation of their own point of view, says WomanEL.

Interactive exhibition of Ukrainian artists in Avangarden . Source: Instagram

Each viewer can find something personal that interprets their breadth of worldview, values ​​and experiences. A connection with a work is established when there is interaction and reflection. This is an extremely important aspect of the artistic experience,

noted Avangarden gallery co-founder Karina Kachurovskaya.

The exhibition invites visitors to enjoy viewing paintings, video art, sculptures and installations. Also in the art space, everyone will be able to interact with art objects and construct their own compositions using sculptures on mobile platforms.

Work Evgenia Klimenko. Source: Instagram Work by Anna Pridatko. Source: Instagram Work by Zakhar Shevchuk. Source: Instagram

So, the original exhibition “Opinion of View” allows you to independently choose the angles of perception of works of art and open new perspectives, using your creativity and innovative thinking. The exhibition will last until May 21, 2024.

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