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Irina Kudashova from “School” is dating a man 10 years older than her

The famous 24-year-old Ukrainian actress Irina Kudashova, known for her roles in popular TV series, declared her love to her new partner. The young star said that her heart belongs to a man who is 10 years older than her, writes WomanEL.

On the air of the program “Morning in the Big City,” Irina spoke about her new relationship, while leaving a secret regarding the details of the personal life of her new beloved. The actress admitted that their meeting took place in the virtual world, where their communication began. Later this developed into real meetings, and then into a serious relationship.

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He wrote to me, communication began at a distance, and that’s how we met. He has nothing to do with creativity at all, he is absolutely in the technical profession, Irina said.

Irina Kudashova revealed his love for a man 10 years older. Source: instagram.com/irinaa_kudashova

In addition, the actress revealed that her partner is not connected with the world of show business. The man has a technical profession and has nothing to do with acting. The celebrity looks happy and joyful when talking about her relationship.

Irina Kudashova, in addition to her success on the screen, shares her personal happiness with her fans and wishes everyone to find their love the way she found it.

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