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Is working out at home really as effective as going to the gym?

There is no doubt that the popularity of home workouts is not waning. Research shows that more than half of us now prefer to sweat it out in the comfort of our home office/bedroom/room of choice—and for good reason: the benefits of working out at home are countless. But the question arises: what is more effective: training at home or in the gym?

ContentWhat are the benefits of working out at home?Home workouts have become more accessibleHome workouts are convenientHome workouts are accessibleIs home workouts right for everyone?Which is more effective: working out at home or in the gym

We all want to get the most out of our workouts, so is home workouts really as effective? How's going to the gym? WomanEL will share expert opinions.

What are the benefits of working out at home?

First of all, let's dive into the benefits of working out at home.

Home workouts have become more accessible

With the cost of living crisis, the main benefit is that home workouts are mostly free. It's easy to follow a balanced and effective exercise regimen with little or no special equipment, although you'll probably want to make sure you have a supportive bra, appropriate shoes and perhaps a yoga mat.

Thanks largely to the pandemic, there are a variety of online classes and apps for you to choose from, and many of them offer free trials.

Home workouts are convenient

We know how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to leave the house to exercise after a long day. This is where home workouts come into their own: you don't have to sweat for hours to reap the benefits. Research shows that just 10 minutes of activity is associated with positive health outcomes. So if all you have time for is a 10-minute bodyweight workout between Zoom meetings, you're still a winner.

Home Workouts Available

When we think about the barriers to exercise – cost, travel to and from the gym, self-consciousness – home workouts meet all our needs, making movement accessible to almost everyone. Are you just starting your fitness journey? Build your endurance at home and you'll feel more confident when you go out and exercise in the gym.

Is home training suitable for everyone?

Home workouts are for the most part suitable for everyone. “Ultimately, I would say yes: home workouts can be suitable for most people, regardless of their starting fitness level or experience,” says Pilates instructor Alexandra Warburton.

“However, it is important to consider individual factors such as such as pre-existing health conditions, general fitness goals (and how best to achieve them), the space you have and any support equipment. And finally, how you can gradually increase the frequency of exercise or add more load to see your regimen evolve.”

Which is more effective: training at home or in the gym

Technically, training in the gym is more effective, but training at home is also more effective has a lot of advantages, Source: freepik.com

As compelling as the arguments for working out at home are, the big question is: are they really as effective as going to class? As is often the case in the world of fitness, the answer is not clear cut. But for the most part, trainers agree that working out at home is better than no workout at all.

“There's no doubt that home workouts, if done correctly, can be just as effective,” agrees personal trainer Kate Row-Ham. “Movement is movement. But to a certain extent, the effectiveness of any home workout will depend on your goals and motivation.”

If you want to improve your fitness, strength and endurance, you need to work hard and focus on the following tips.

  • You will have to be responsible and disciplined.
  • Prioritize your form. If you're trying a completely new style of movement at home, you may want to make sure you're doing it correctly first to avoid sprains and injuries.
  • Know how and when to progress. Want to improve your routine? It's unlikely you'll have super-heavy weights at home, but to progress, you can start working your muscles more by increasing the number of repetitions or working at a slower pace to keep your muscles under load longer.

It's important to remember: that the most effective workout will always be the one you can stick to. So if working out at home works for you, keep it up.

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