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Kamalia is getting married for the second time: photo of the wedding ring

Ukrainian singer Kamalia intrigued fans with hints of changes in her personal life during a recent interview for the M1 TV channel. The artist appeared before the audience live in a white dress reminiscent of a wedding, showing off a precious ring, the cost of which can reach several thousand dollars, writes WomanEL.

When the presenter asked Kamalia about her new lover and possible wedding, the singer kept the intrigue, answering mysteriously. Her words only fueled the curiosity of fans.

Kamalia hinted at a possible wedding by wearing a wedding dress for the filming of a new video. Source: youtube.com/m1tv

Yes, they confess to me and I confess my love. And I even have a ring. It will be mine soon. I am exchanging rings with my beloved,

the singer said.

Kamalia hinted at a possible wedding by wearing a wedding dress for filming a new clip. Source: youtube.com/m1tv

It should be noted that the mysterious image of the bride in which Kamalia appeared on the set turned out to be connected with her new video for a love song. However, the singer has not yet revealed all the details about her relationship or possible wedding, leaving fans waiting for news. She assured fans “will see everything soon,” but it's “too early” to reveal more information. In the interview, Kamaliya also showed a fragment with an unknown man who was climbing the stairs, but his identity also remained a secret.

By the way, Kamaliya recently showed how her daughter brightly celebrated her birthday.

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