• 19/05/2024 00:22

Klavdia Petrivna officially announced the first concert

The anonymous Ukrainian singer and songwriter Klavdia Petrivna has gained rapid popularity online. Her tracks receive millions of plays on Youtube and other streaming services, reports WomanEL.

Yesterday, April 19, the artist performed on stage for the first time in a duet with Ukrainian singer Artem Pivovarov. They presented a composition created as part of the project “Your Tops of My Notes”, which will soon appear on digital music platforms.

In addition, the other day Klavdia Petrivna announced its first concert, which is scheduled to take place on August 30, 2024 Sports Palace in Kyiv. Ticket sales start — April 24 at 14:00.

By the way, the Klavdia Petrivna concert is already the most anticipated event this summer . The musical event will be of a charitable nature, part of the funds will be directed to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We would like to remind you that singer OSTY previously spoke about cooperation with Klavdia Petrovna.

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