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Koshevoy's revelations: does Zelensky need to run for a second term?

Today, Ukrainians are interested in whether Vladimir Zelensky will run for a second presidential term. On Slava Demin’s YouTube channel, WomanEL offers to listen to revelations on this issue from Zelensky’s close friend Yevgeny Koshevoy.

The “Evening Quarter” star spoke openly about the second term of Vladimir Zelensky’s presidency. The actor believes that after the Ukrainian leader proved himself during the war, he should continue to lead the country after its completion. Koshevoy added that the president himself should decide this, but the Ukrainians may not let Zelensky go.

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Do you think they'll let him go? Let's see. I think that after what he did now, during the full-scale invasion and before that, yes,

he’s worth it, said Koshevoy.

Evgeniy still considers Zelensky his best friend and continues to communicate with him . During personal communication, he calls him “Green» or “Vovan”. At the same time, in the public space he cannot afford this, because he respects the chain of command.

Zelensky himself, as Koshevoy said, still calls him “Bald.” The comedian often shares memes and jokes with the president. In particular, he sends Zelensky funny pictures about Russians and himself. Now, of course, this happens infrequently due to the busyness of the leader of Ukraine.

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