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Language scandal: singer Luna will continue writing songs in Russian

Singer Luna caused a scandal with her unexpected refusal to write songs in Ukrainian. The artist, ex-wife and ward of Russian producer Yuri Bardash, told her fans that in the future she would focus on creating creativity in Russian, writes WomanEL.

According to her, her pregnancy prompted her to make this decision. Note that this is not the first time the Moon has been at the center of high-profile discussions during the war. Previously, the artist was criticized for performing her song “Palmyra,” which is considered the unofficial anthem of the Wagner PPK.

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To avoid waves of criticism, the singer decided to temporarily leave social networks and announced a “pause for real life.” In her InstaStories, she spoke about her inner need to create in Russian, despite the previous transition to Ukrainian.
I continue to write lyrics and songs in Russian.

Having abandoned Ukrainian creativity, Luna causes a wave of controversy and reflection. Source: instagram.com/kri_luna

For me, an imaginary ban makes me want to remain honest with myself and with art,

Luna said.

The scandal was complemented by the fact that the singer had previously changed the language of her work, switching to Ukrainian. Her last album, released in May 2023, contained exclusively Ukrainian-language songs. However, now she is returning to her Russian work, causing speculation about its motivation.

After Luna’s statement, social networks were filled with a wave of discussions and criticism. In particular, fans of the artist, who supported his transition to the Ukrainian language, express their disappointment.

By the way, Luna recently surprised a pregnant woman with a sexy photo shoot without clothes.

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