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Life without anger: how to curb negative emotions

The war continues, and all this time Ukrainians live in a state of constant stress and anxiety. This psychological state fills a person with negativity and aggression, which are difficult to contain. WomanEL tells how to free yourself from anger and try life without anger.

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What is anger

Emotions are a reaction to any circumstances or events and depend on specific situations. A person cannot control them, but he is able to choose the body’s response, which will allow him to survive and get rid of them. If there is no reaction, an uncontrollable explosion of anger occurs, from which not only the person, but also those around him will suffer.

How to pacify negative emotions. Source: pinterest.com

Anger's job is to protect us – it is a biological program for protection and adaptation. There are two types of anger. The main one is a response to attacks, and a defensive one, designed to hide internal pain, shame, horror, fear or a feeling of helplessness.

Hiding negative emotions and feelings is one of the causes of anxiety and depression. It is important not to suppress anger, but to release and deal with it ecologically.

Anger is a biological program of defense and adaptation. Source: pinterest.com

What to do to get rid of anger

Admit the problem

The first step to change is to admit your condition. Try to learn to distinguish what kind of anger you feel, why and why you are actually angry.

You will not be able to take control of the situation as long as you deny your anger and run away from responsibility. Leave excuses in the past. The habit of reacting to everything with irritation and anger is your own shortcoming. When you acknowledge this, the transformation process will go faster.

Find the reason and name your anger

Try to pinpoint the cause of your anger. Turn to yourself and do some self-analysis:
“I’m angry because I have to take a very long route!” or “I'm angry because this question made me feel ashamed…”

Often anger is a mistaken emotion with which we mask feelings that are shameful to us. Think about what is behind your anger. Perhaps it is fear, anxiety, guilt, dissatisfaction or self-doubt. Why do you forbid yourself to express real emotions, what are you running away from and what do you want to achieve?

Feel the anger physically

Analyze how irritation feels in the body: fever, redness, tension, heartbeat, trembling.

Identify the impulse of anger and name it. What exactly is it aimed at, what is its purpose? Say it out loud: “I would like to hit him because…!”, “I want to get out of here!”

Life without anger. Source: pinterest.com

Share your emotions

Anger is a complex of negative experiences that a person has kept within himself for too long. To avoid taking the situation to the extreme, stop collecting negative emotions.

Make it a habit to talk about what offends or doesn’t suit you right away. Then you can solve the problem at the initial stage, allowing others to understand you better.

Learn to breathe deeply

Aggression forces the body to mobilize – muscles tense, breathing quickens, the person sweats actively. How to deal with anger if you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

Take a deep breath and exhale very slowly, engaging your abdominal muscles. Then repeat the tactic until your body relaxes. If it doesn’t help, take a time out and go out into the fresh air or take a warm shower to put your thoughts in order.

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