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Liliya Podkopaeva spoke about her son’s activities in America

Ukrainian gymnast Liliya Podkopaeva declassified what her 18-year-old son, who is in the United States, is doing and told how he helps Ukraine during the war, writes WomanEL.

According to the gymnast, her son Vadim is actively promoting information about the tragedy taking place in Ukraine on platforms available to Americans. He, along with his sister Karolina, takes part in various protests, where they demonstrate the crimes against Ukrainians committed by the Russian occupiers. In addition, young activists are organizing a collection of humanitarian aid for Ukrainians affected by the war.

Particular attention is paid to Vadim's participation in educational events. Even during his school years, he actively spoke to his classmates, talking about the tragic events in his homeland, provoked by Russia.

Vadim Nagorny- Podkopaev: a young activist carrying the flag of his homeland across the ocean. Source: instagram.com/podkopayeva_official

I am very proud of my son! This year Vadim entered the university and had to write an essay. He wrote about his adopted journey, from which cities, countries. He wants to be like his mother in the sense that if a person has a dream, then he must achieve it. He told me that he did not want to take advantage of my merits, did not brag about who his mother was. It was so emotional! We listen to Vadim in many ways, he is knowledgeable about many things, reads a lot, the star said.

Now Vadim is preparing to enter a higher educational institution. According to his mother, he has high academic achievements, which allows him to count on receiving a scholarship and free education. Vadim chooses where exactly he wants to receive his education, and wrote a material in which he shares his experience and dreams.

Thus, the son of Liliya Podkopaeva not only develops as an educated person, but actively helps his native country in difficult times the time of her history.

By the way, it recently became known how Liliya Podkopaeva keeps herself in such excellent shape.

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