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Little movie: Antibodies presented a space video

Taras Topolya and the Antibodies group released a small movie full of hidden meanings. A new powerful video work for the song “Ti Same Ta” is dedicated to loved ones and the Motherland, writes WomanEL.

Little movie. Source: Instagram

Taras said that the harmony of the song appeared a very long time ago. The musicians were able to return to the track only after completing their military service.

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This is a dedication to a loved one, or at a social level – this is a dedication to the homeland. She is the very beloved, but not the one who has one beloved, but has millions of beloved citizens. Which, according to our logic, according to our beliefs, should love her and fight for her,

noted Taras Topolya.

Incredible space video – like a small movie connected with the life of the group and the country. In the video, the frontman appears as an astronaut. This is a metaphor about how a small person in the vastness of cold space and the Universe is able to light a fire with his love and give warmth to billions of others…

Previously, Nikita Kiselev released a sensual song about the power of love.

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