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Lovers Taras Topolya and Alyosha will release a common song for the first time

Taras Topolya announced his work on the first duet song with his wife, the famous singer Alyosha. At the press conference of the Antibodies group, the musician declassified that the hit for the star couple was written by a British singer and songwriter, writes WomanEL.

Amy Vaj, who has already become famous for her work for such world stars as Pink, Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Camilla Cabello and Alicia Keys took upon themselves the creation of a musical masterpiece for the Ukrainian duo.

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Taras Topolya shared that the song is planned to be bilingual and will contain lyrics in Ukrainian , and in English. The Ukrainian version of the text was written by the musician himself. Fans are already asking the singer when they can expect family music, but Taras and Elena Topolya are in no hurry to publish the track. The couple stated that they want to present the song at a special moment and are considering the possibility of making it the soundtrack to a famous film or TV series.

Expected release a duet song from Taras Topoli and Alyosha, which will contain lyrics in Ukrainian and English. Source: MUZVAR

Her time must come, I want this song, for example, to become the soundtrack to some cool film, for example in Hollywood, or a TV series

said the celebrity.

Despite the fact that Taras and Elena have lived together for 11 years, this will be their first song together. Fans are eagerly awaiting this musical gift from the talented duo. By the way, recently Alyosha unexpectedly sang her popular song.

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