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Madonna put on a hat from a Ukrainian brand and shone on stage with Kylie Minogue

As part of her grandiose world tour, which continues to bring emotions and impressions to fans around the world, Madonna once again surprised the audience not only with her musical performances, but also with her exquisite images on stage. At a concert in Inglewood, USA, the pop industry legend appeared in a custom cowboy hat from Ukrainian fashion designer Ruslan Baginsky. This hat, made of brown leather and decorated with a decorative horseshoe, became the main accent of Madonna's image, emphasizing her style and individuality, writes WomanEL.

However, the most impressive moment of the evening was the joint performance of Madonna and Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue. The two legendary singers in a duet performed the famous hit “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynorr, while Madonna accompanied the song on guitar, adding special emotions to the performance of live sound and, of course, country aesthetics.

The collaboration between Madonna and Kylie Minogue has become a striking example of the unification of legends of the pop scene. Source: instagram.com/ruslanbaginskiy_hats

This evening was another evidence of Madonna’s creative talent and recognition of the artistic skill of the Ukrainian designer Ruslan Baginsky. The images of the stars on stage amazed the audience not only with style and elegance, but with originality and originality.

By the way, recently a top English singer also wore Ukrainian during her performance.

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