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Mamarika exposed herself and showed the result of mammoplasty

Ukrainian singer MamaRika boasted the result of plastic surgery on her breasts, publishing a piquant black and white photo in her Instagram stories. In the photographs, the celebrity appeared topless, covering her private parts with her hand, while demonstrating the new look of her breasts after successful mammoplasty, writes WomanEL.

Previously, the singer decided to resort to plastic surgery on her chest, trying to increase the shape of her bust. After the procedure, MamaRika wore a special bandage for a long time to support her breasts and prevent possible complications. Thanks to the efforts of doctors, the recovery process was successful, and now the singer can freely share pictures of her new forms.

MamaRika amazes fans with the result of plastic surgery operations. Source: instagram.com/mamarika_official

MamaRika in her stories drew the attention of subscribers to the fact that they may notice changes in her appearance. The artist remained humorous, noting that she knows what her fans are looking at, but still recommends reviewing her other publications.

It should be noted that in her personal life the artist is now going through a difficult period. The singer is on the verge of divorce from her husband Sergei Sereda, which adds tension to her daily life. However, despite this, MamaRika remains active on social networks and continues to delight her fans with new pictures and news from her life.

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