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Masha Efrosinina scared her friends and subscribers with footage from the hospital

44-year-old Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina was hospitalized in the hospital; she shared the sad news on Instagram. Currently, the television and YouTube star is under IV drips, reports WomanEL.

Efrosinina also named the reason for the deterioration in her health. As it turned out, overvoltage is to blame.

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If you want an urgent roll call with your friends, publish a photo from the hospital,

wrote Masha.

In addition, the TV presenter surprised many that she had an IV in her leg.

I just wanted to amuse my subscribers. Like, there’s an IV in the leg because the veins aren’t the same anymore. They think that I’m too drunk, but no, stress is a sign,

the blogger added.

Efrosinina also noted that she plans to return to meditation, sports and restore quality sleep. She will also reconsider her priorities and try to improve her immunity.

The editors of WomanEL wish Masha Efrosinina a quick recovery and good health!

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