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Max Barskikh admitted for the first time that he was a victim of violence

Ukrainian singer Max Barskikh spoke openly for the first time about violence in his family, which caused shock among his fans. In an interview with Alexey Sukhanov, he shared details of his childhood, admitting that his parents used physical influence as a method of education, writes WomanEL.

I had a rather difficult situation in the family, there was violence, much more, but I understand both my mother and my father, why everything happened this way . Firstly, these skills were passed down from generation to generation, and they themselves did not know what to do with it, what to do. Unfortunately, there was no Internet, few books on how to raise children. So, of course, it wasn't all without violence

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Max Barskikh shared amazing details of his childhood. Source: instagram.com/max_barskih

He added that he does not blame his parents for such methods of punishment and has long since forgiven all insults. Max also believes that all these situations made him the way he is now. Now he is grateful to all the events and experiences that he received in his life.

I understand why this happened – it was difficult for my parents themselves,

added artist.

It is worth noting that Barsky’s father left the family. They did not communicate for 11 years, and then met during the filming of a video for the song “February,” which sings about the difficult relationship between father and son.

By the way, Elena Mozgovaya recently spoke about beatings from her husband.

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