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NBU issued a commemorative coin for Valentine's Day: what is the denomination and what is depicted

February 14, on Valentine’s Day, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) is introducing a commemorative coin “Kokhannya” into circulation, writes WomanEL.

According to the press service, the coin is made of nickel silver and has a denomination of five hryvnia.

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On The obverse features a stylized rose in the shape of a heart. Its petals are the words of “love” written in the most common languages ​​of the world. The reverse of the coin depicts a heart, from which waves radiate evenly. This composition symbolizes comprehensive love, the vibrations of which go deep into the soul.

Commemorative coin “Kohannya”. Source: Instagram Commemorative coin “Kohannya”. Source: Instagram

This further emphasizes the universality and boundlessness of this feeling, which knows neither borders nor language barriers,

noted in the NBU.

The circulation of the Kohannya coin is up to 50,000 pieces. You can purchase it from February 14, 2024 in the NBU online store, and gradually from distribution banks.

Previously, the National Bank released a set of three silver commemorative coins “Shchedryk.”

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