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Nostalgia and style: Gwen Stefani brings the '90s era to life in the beauty world

The 54-year-old singer brought back her sophisticated '90s glamor on Saturday, taking the Coachella stage to reunite with her band No Doubt for the first time since 2015, writes WomanEL, citing a Page Six source.

For the memorable occasion, Stefani adorned her face with several sparkly jewels and wore her hair in a mohawk, which was once part of her signature style.

The star managed to mix in a few modern touches, now opting for her signature bright red lips instead old brown ones, and added a thick cat eye drawn on with bright blue liner on the eyes.

Stephanie took the stage in an equally amazing outfit; she layered the slightly tousled cut-out outfit with a lace print over fishnet tights and a lace bra, and even decided to coordinate her manicure with the look, showing off long nails in a similar print.

Gwen Stefani then/now. Source: Page Six

While the festival crowd could belt out songs like «Underneath It All» and «Don’t Speak», perhaps the most amazing moment of the evening was when Olivia Rodrigo joined the group on stage, helping them sing the song «Bathwater».

Previously, Gwen and her husband caused a massive reaction with a joint announcement.

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