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Number 103: When to Call Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical care is included in the Medical Guarantee Program and is free of charge. Although doctors work around the clock, you should call 103 only when there really is a mortal threat, writes WomanEL.

Emergency medical assistance. Source: Freepik

The Ministry of Health notes that emergency medical assistance should be called only in cases of extreme necessity – when there is a threat to human life and health. A false call or exaggeration of symptoms so that doctors can arrive is fraught with more than just a fine. The worst thing is the death of a person who at that time really needed help and did not wait for the brigade to arrive.

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Emergency medical care is the urgent actions of medical workers aimed at saving the life and health of a person in emergency condition caused by illness or injury, the Ministry of Health noted.

An emergency should be reported to number 103. Source: Freepik

Emergency medical assistance should be called immediately in the following conditions:

  • sudden breathing difficulties;
  • sudden pain in the heart area;
  • vomiting blood and external bleeding;
  • acute pain in the abdominal cavity;
  • signs of acute infectious diseases;
  • speech impairment;
  • loss of consciousness or confusion;
  • weakness in the limbs that appeared suddenly;< /li>
  • all types of injuries and electric shock, lightning;
  • heat strokes;
  • asphyxia;
  • damage due to road accidents or shelling, etc. d.

The main rule is to provide reliable information to the dispatcher who will answer the call at 103. Neither symptoms nor other important information should be hidden. Be healthy!

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