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Olya Tsibulskaya admitted that she is struggling with an eating disorder

Ukrainian singer Olya Tsibulskaya amazed her fans with a frank admission about her struggle with an eating disorder (ED). In her photo blog, she said that the problem returned after a recent accident, as a result of which she lost control over her diet and began to quickly gain weight, writes WomanEL. 

The singer admitted that it is still difficult for her to accept her figure and it tends to return to its previous form. To do this, Tsibulskaya introduced a number of rules that she adheres to to improve her condition: she limited her access to food, eats twice a day with long breaks between meals, attends massage, reads more, meditates and studies to distract herself from thoughts about food .

Olya Tsybulskaya honestly spoke about her struggle with an eating disorder after a traffic accident. Source: instagram.com/cybulskaya

RHP returned to me again. I'm eating all my emotions again. I look at photos and videos where I was in great shape and can’t remember how I managed to pull myself together then. And now I don’t like myself and often photoshop photos and videos. The accident caused the breakdown. And I ate non-stop, to the point of nausea and could not stop. Everything would be fine, but with my profession it is important for me to like myself in the mirror. That’s why I asked my mother not to cook anything. “I’m holding on with all my might,” the singer admitted.

Olya Tsibulskaya honestly spoke about her struggle with an eating disorder after an accident. Source: instagram.com/cybulskaya

Tsybulskaya's frankness caused a wave of support among her supporters, who expressed words of support and wishes for a speedy recovery. By the way, Olya recently recalled the negative experience of beauty injections.

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