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Plant a tree: how Kiev residents can get tree seedlings for free

How to make your city more comfortable and green? It's simple: get seedlings – plant a tree and enjoy the results of a good deed, writes WomanEL.

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The Center for Alternative Gardening in Kyiv offers Kiev residents tree seedlings for landscaping local areas. Residents of the capital are offered free future Christmas trees, pines, Douglas chestnuts (a coniferous plant), maples, lindens, oaks, beeches, larches, etc.

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As reported in the center, to obtain garden material with uninjured root system for free, you need to register at 095-888-58-00 (WhatsApp, Viber).

And then everything is the same as in previous years with only one difference – we give you trees in exchange for attracting your Facebook friends to the audience of subscribers to the Container Gardening page. Details for the specified phone number

were noted in CAOC.

Spring gifts for citizens… Source: facebook.com

Tree seedlings were brought from forest nurseries several years ago to be distributed free of charge to Kiev residents. The trees were then very tiny seedlings. Now they have become full-fledged seedlings with a height of 1 to 2 m. Join us and do a good deed.

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