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Prayer for Holy Week

Holy Week is the most important period for Christianity, which precedes Easter. The Church calls on Christians to devote time to prayer, repentance and fasting in order to prepare for the celebration of the Resurrection. Prayer for Holy Week is an important part of such preparation, writes WomanEL.

Such a week is marked by many beliefs and rituals centered on the commemoration of the tragic events in the life of Jesus Christ. According to tradition, Holy Week begins on Holy Monday and ends on Holy Saturday.

Prayer for Holy Week. Source: pinterest.com

Prayer for Holy Week

O God, in Your infinite mercy and love You sent Your Son to earth to atone for our sins with Your blood 'I'm on the cross. We can remember this sacrifice in the skin of our lives, and especially during the Holy Day.

We pray that we may reach the depth of the significance of the Holy Day, and that our hearts will be filled with compassion and devotion for Your grace. Let the Holy Week become for us an hour of our special reflections and repentance, as we open our hearts before You and recognize our sins.

Help us to recognize Christ in Your brothers and sisters, especially in those who will demand ours help me with mercy. Grant us the courage and strength to act with love and sacrifice, as you gave your life on the cross.

It is good for You, O God, that Passion Day becomes for us an hour of special growth in the soul of Christ , so that we can become more faithful to you and serve others who require our help. Amen.

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