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Prayer for the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian heroes

Passover began on April 22 — Jewish holiday of liberation and independence. Today, Ukraine is also fighting fiercely for its freedom, in an unequal struggle. This is why prayer for the Ukrainian people and for Ukrainian heroes is so important, writes WomanEL.

Prayer for the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian heroes. Dzherelo: pinterest.com

Prayer for the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian heroes

Blessed are you, Lord, our God and the God of our fathers. The God of our mothers, the great, powerful and terrible God, the Almighty God, who gives blessings, who, having done everything, remembers good deeds.

Give Power to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is needed to punish the unstoppable murderers and troublemakers who came to peaceful land. This consecration to the soldiers of Ukraine. Their hearts knew no doubt, and their souls were dark. Share your findings with the Head Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. May the information from them in the future help Ukrainian soldiers beat enemies right in their dark hearts.

Receive those who have worked for Moscow and are now harming those who curse those days. Know Forgiveness from these lost children of yours, who doubted or wasted hope in the dark time. Send Healing to all the brave soldiers of Ukraine, both in hospitals and on the battlefield today. Take the Vignanniks, let the Ukrainians not try to fight and don’t split in the middle, let there be unity in the middle of their tribe in front of their enemy.

Renew Justice and give the opportunity to punish all military villains, all troublemakers and murderers, marauders and robbers. Don't harm Zradniki. Let all the defenders and the defenders be damned as will be the curses of their dynasty. Look at the Righteous. Those who have waited and clicked, or even been ridiculed. Give them strength and discretion. Give me strength to renew. Let Ukrainians renovate their places, their villages, their bridges, their roads, farms, lands and gardens. May the stakes be cleansed of filth.

Farewell to your blues. They have not forgotten your commandment that the day will come and there will be no more war between people, but remember that it was not the Ukrainians who first began to shed blood from this slaughter. Have mercy on us and accept our prayer graciously and kindly, even if you are God, who hears prayers and blessings; And do not deprive us without proof.

Having stood kindly, O Lord our God, before the people of Ukraine and accept this prayer, let it not be said in the temple. Accept our Podyaka. We thank you for being, Lord, our God and the God of our fathers and mothers forever and ever. You are the stronghold of our life, the fortress that protects us from generation to generation. Let us praise you for our life, and trust you for our souls, which are preserved by you. Amen.

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