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Ramina Eshakzai explained why she hides her new lover

Ukrainian interviewer and blogger Ramina Eshakzai explained the reason why she does not publish photos with her new lover. Her partner is a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Eshakzai said that she would love to publish general photos, but due to security reasons she cannot do this, writes WomanEL.

I don't want a person to be in additional danger because that I am in a relationship with him. If the Russians find out, you never know what will happen… if it weren’t for a full-scale invasion, I would share it with everyone, but this is security. Let time pass and the war end, Eshakzai said in a commentary for the Stories program with Daria Bozhko.

Ramina Eshakzai talked about her boyfriend. Source: instagram.com/raminalalala

She also noted that after the end of the war she plans to show her new chosen one to her fans. In general, the girl is in love and happy with her new boyfriend. Ramina is rather waiting for him home from the front and is worried about his condition. Let us recall that last spring it became known that her relationship with lawyer Evgeniy Pronin had broken down after five years together.

Ramina also said that she suffers from bulimia. She explained that her weight is now 55-56 kg and she is working on her weight loss. The blogger is trying to improve her health and psychological state.

By the way, it recently became known that Ramina Eskhakzai plans to adopt a baby.

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