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Real stories of the military: watch the trailer of the film about the courage of the assault brigade

Very soon the documentary film “We Were Recruits” will be released, which attracts viewers from all over the world. From May 2, this film will be available for viewing in all cinemas in the country, writes WomanEL.

Director Lyubomir Levitsky, known for such works as “Shadows of Unforgotten Ancestors”, “Follow me” and “Adit”, surprises again with your talent. This time he brought to life the stories of the soldiers of the legendary Third Separate Assault Brigade.

The film tells about a soldier with the call sign “Journalist”, who decides not only to describe historical events, but also to become part of them. The film's cast includes real participants in events who will talk about the meaning of courage and dedication.

Watch the touching story of heroism in the documentary film We were recruits already on May 2. Source: press group

In his interviews, our hero reveals the fighters not only as professional military men, but and as ordinary people, philosophers, just guys who have dreams of a family and a peaceful life in their country,

the director noted.

Levitsky calls his work a “message film” aimed at motivating and inspiring viewers to fight for every moment of life. “We Were Recruits” is not just a movie, but a sincere and emotional testimony about the heroism and courage of people.

By the way, it recently became known that Netflix wants to make an epic series “Dovbush” based on a top Ukrainian film .

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