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Resonant thoughts of Yuri Andrukhovich: 7 iconic quotes from a modern classic

His resonant thoughts gave the impetus to others to be brave and express themselves to the world. On March 13, the Ukrainian poet, prose writer and one of the most prominent representatives of postmodernism Yuri Andrukhovych celebrates his 64th birthday, tells WomanEL.

The shocking author began his creative activity in the early 90s with poetry, and now occupies place of one of the leaders of the Ukrainian poetic avant-garde.

Resonant thoughts of Yuri Andrukhovych. Source: Facebook

The name of Yuri Andrukhovich is one of the few in Ukraine that has been heard throughout the world. In recent years, he has published mainly prose works and is the most powerful and famous Russian novelist. The talented artist continues to be a notable innovator even among the younger generation of authors, and we will be happy to re-read his wise, iconic quotes.

Our existence tends toward chaos and tends toward decay. Love is the only force that somehow keeps everything afloat. And without it, existence loses not only its content, but also its perspective.

We are in a hurry to live, as if after a pestilence … Source: Facebook

“There is a lot of meaning in traveling, learning, looking for yourself and your place in the world. But there is no point in never, under any circumstances, returning home…”

One of the greatest tragedies is to be deprived of one's home… It is common for a person to find his happiness somewhere near his umbilical cord. It is not happiness that you should look for in a foreign country – it will never be there. There you should look for normality, a daily and ordinary form of existence, which for some reason you are deprived of at home.

Better times don't come by themselves. Source: Facebook

Better times do not come by themselves – they must be called and brought upon, and not only by dissent, but also by dissent. Sometimes – with other shouting….

Resistance and art are mutually complementary… Source: Facebook

“In order to a work of art was immortal, it is necessary that it go beyond the limits of the human…”

Resistance to evil is a categorical manifestation of the human in man. Art is also a definitive manifestation of the human in man. Resistance and art are mutually complementary.

One of the most prominent representatives of postmodernism is Yuri Andrukhovich. Source: Facebook

We are all just echoes of the great World Bell, and not a single word of ours is born by itself…

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