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Ruslana had to cancel her concerts: she was seriously deceived

The winner of Eurovision 2004 and recognized Ukrainian singer Ruslana became a victim of deception in an important event of her career. Planned concerts to mark the 20th anniversary of her triumph, which were supposed to take place in Kyiv, Odessa and Lvov in February and March, were in jeopardy due to the neglect of the organizing company, Star Label Entertainment Ukraine. The head of the company, Taras Donenko, has disappeared and is wanted, the artist herself said in an information message, writes WomanEL.

Everyone who cares about the fate of my concerts, my spring tour, my creative ideas, plans, past and future achievements. I don’t know what happened to the man who approached us with an offer to do big concerts. From November 2 until today he has not made contact. And I definitely don’t want to depend on scammers, to whom we sometimes personally entrust the fate of our plans, plans, dreams, and sometimes our future.

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Ruslana talks about the disappearance of a concert organizer, but remains stubborn in her promise to provide her unrivaled performances for fans. Source: instagram.com/ruslana.lyzhychko

Network reaction:

  • Thieves!
  • I will wait until ticket sales resume;
  • I really want to go to your performance.

The singer promised that she will not refuse concerts and her team is already working on finding new dates and places for performances, which will be announced later. She also emphasized that all purchased tickets will remain valid for the new dates of the concert tour. The singer's fans remain shocked and await further announcements about the unfolding situation.

By the way, the famous rapper recently refused Tonya Matvienko a collaboration.

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