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Sasha Bo spoke hysterically about her unexpected problems

Ukrainian millionaire blogger and mother of many children Sasha Bo amazes her fans with her frankness and honesty, talking about the difficulties she faced during motherhood. With tears in her eyes, she shared the details that changed her life after the birth of her daughter Vera, writes WomanEL.

In her blog, she said that she had to refuse some planned filming due to the whims and needs of her daughter. In particular, due to Vera's breastfeeding.

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Vera constantly wants to be held in my arms, but I only have two. Being a mother of a baby means ceasing to belong to yourself. I just burst into tears. I started getting ready at 11 o’clock to film an advertisement and be ready to leave for one place at 15. I haven’t filmed anything, I’m not ready at all, not even close

revealed the celebrity.

Sasha Bo opened her heart and talked about the challenges of motherhood. Source: instagram.com/sashaabo

Sasha Bo expressed the feeling that she does not fully belong to herself, given the girl’s constant need for her mother. According to her, doing even the most ordinary things can become a big challenge due to the child's constant desire to stay close to his mother.

After all this, Sasha Bo adds that she, of course, has nothing to complain about, since Vera is healthy. However, it is difficult for the star to come to terms with the fact that she may not have enough time even for routine tasks.

Oh, now I have to do my makeup again. Overall, I have nothing to complain about. The child is healthy, her tummy does not bother her, she does not cry from pain or discomfort. But she starts screaming to take the breast again. It's just a habit for her as a calming ritual. Verochka is constantly on my chest. I can’t limit her in this, because I am the whole world to her and the only person who gives me a feeling of security. But not having time to go to the toilet, not having time to put a mask on your hair and canceling all your plans, which happen once a week anyway, is killing you.

Sasha added.

A month ago, the blogger became a mother in the third time, giving birth to a daughter, Vera. She recently baptized a baby and shared tender photos from the sacrament in the temple, further emphasizing the significance of the new role in her life.

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