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Saxon and the witches: heavy metal legends create a video about unjustly convicted women

Veterans of the new wave of British heavy metal, the legendary English band Saxon have released a lyric video for the song “Witches of Salem”. This track was included in the 24th album entitled “Hell, Fire And Damnation”, which the musicians released in January, writes WomanEL.

The album is imbued with riddles, mystical reflections and secrets. In particular, in “Witches of Salem,” the British rockers delved into the theme of the unfair conviction of women who were victims of the Salem witch trials. The composition betrays all the fanaticism and mass hysteria that then dominated society.

Saxon and the witches. Source: Instagram

Frontman Bill Byford explained that this is an American story, but the witch trials began in Scotland. Then they spread to England and across the sea — in the colonies in America.

Those poor women in Salem… they weren't witches . They were simply unlucky. They were accused of everything: illness, that the milk had gone sour, or that the horse had died. Perhaps these women were simply envied. And some of them refused to respond to courtship. Who knows! But once someone called a woman a witch, there was no turning back for her, Byford said.

In general, in all ten songs of the album “Hell, Fire And Damnation,” Saxon refers to historical eras and mysterious places. Musically, these compositions can be considered the most confident and powerful of the band's entire existence.

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