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TAYANNA transported contraband and narrowly escaped imprisonment

The famous Ukrainian singer TAYANNA, whose real name is Tatyana Reshetnyak, shared an unexpected story about how she almost went to prison due to smuggling, writes WomanEL.

The performer told this story while participating in the show “Song of My Life,” dedicated to her difficult childhood. The singer said that in her family, where there were four children, the parents tried to earn money to support the family. Her mother, like many other women in Chernivtsi, traveled to Poland to sell contraband. When TAYANNA grew up and was accepted to study at the music academy in Krakow, she left with her mother to sell these goods. However, they were caught by the police and taken to the police station.

In my childhood, which passed in Chernivtsi, almost all women went to Poland to transport goods. Mostly it was contraband: cigarettes, vodka, tracksuits, socks, that is, everything that could be stuffed into a suitcase. Dad stayed with us while mom went to earn money… I’m 15, we get off the train and just that day there was a raid, the police came out and took everyone from the train. We were taken to the department. It was very scary then, I was still so angry: don’t you understand that we travel not because it’s cool for us, but because we need to earn money in order to somehow live,

the celebrity admitted.

blockquote> TAYANNA remembered how her mother traveled to Poland to trade contraband to support the family. Source: instagram.com/tayanna_reshetnyak

TAYANNA was at such an age that she did not fully understand what was happening, but she was scared. However, the singer and her mother were saved by her talent. At the police station, TAYANNA decided to sing Bon Jovi’s hit “It’s my life” to the police officer. Her tender rendition of the song touched the policeman so much that he let them go and helped them out of the station.

This story highlights not only TAYANNA's extraordinary journey, but also how talent can change fate in unpredictable situations.< /p>

By the way, TAYANNA recently admitted that her former lovers give her money and explained why.

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