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Terrible frosts are coming to Ukraine: what weather to expect

Ukraine is preparing for a cold winter period, as forecasters predict a significant drop in temperatures in the coming days. According to Natalya Golenya, deputy head of the meteorological forecast department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, severe frosts are expected to hit the country as early as January 6, writes WomanEL.

In the first two days of the week, thanks to warm air masses from the west, the air temperature will remain above zero. However, from January 6, cold Arctic air will bring anomalous cooling, especially in the northern, central and eastern regions. They predict -10…-15 at night in the northeast in some places and up to 18-20 degrees below zero.

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In the period from January 7 to 8, more difficult weather conditions are expected. According to her, there will be snowfalls and blizzards in the west and north of the country, and rain in the south and east. Rain and sleet are possible in the center of the country.

Forecasters predict severe frosts in Ukraine: the nation is preparing for bad weather and a sharp drop in temperature . Source: concordialm.org

The weather forecast shows that after a short warm period on January 9-10, frosts will intensify again and cover not only the north and west, but also the central, southern and eastern regions. Shin urges citizens to be cautious and prepare for severe weather.

In the capital, according to the forecast, precipitation in the form of sleet and rain is expected on January 4-5, and significant snowfalls are possible in the region on January 7-8. Citizens are advised to prepare for sudden changes in weather conditions and take the necessary safety measures during bad weather.

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