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The 4 Most Overrated Healthy Foods, According to a Nutritionist

It's no secret that eating healthy can be a challenge, especially when marketing ploys promote certain foods as smart choices when they really aren't. But unless you're savvy about buzzwords and specific ingredients, it can be difficult to identify “junk healthy foods.”

Content“Useless Healthy Foods”: Alkaline WaterOverrated: Oatmeal”Useless Healthy Foods”: Collagen PowdersOverrated: Probiotic Supplements

That's where Claire Sorley, registered dietitian and founder of Resilient Health and Wellness, comes in. In a two-part TikTok video, Sorley talks about the overpriced healthy foods you see at the supermarket. WomanEL will tell you what you don’t have to buy:

“Useless Healthy Foods”: Alkaline Water

Alkaline water ranks first on Sorley's list of overrated products. In a September 2022 TikTok, she notes that we “don't have to mess with the pH of our water.” She continues, “Plus, when we drink this alkaline water, it goes to a place in the body that needs to be very acidic to function properly, which is the stomach.”

Overrated: Oatmeal

Are you a big fan of oatmeal in the morning? Sorley has no problems with her. But she thinks its importance is a little overrated. “Oatmeal is good, but not as much as people say,” Sorley says in the video.

“Useless healthy products”: collagen powders

Food sources of collagen are better than collagen powder, Source: freepik.com

In a follow-up video from April 2, Sorley continues his list of overpriced products. And, in her opinion, collagen powders are not worth it. “Don't get me wrong, there are several good brands of collagen powder. But in my clinical experience, I've just discovered that my clients get better results in things like hair, skin, nails and joint health when we use a whole food source of collagen compared to the powdered form,” Sorley explains.

Powdered varieties can be “highly processed” and often contain “unusual additives.” These can cause gas and bloating. “The best whole food source of collagen is bone broth.”

Overrated: Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements also fall under Sorley's overrated definition, as she notes that there are better natural sources. “Again, yes, there are some good brands on the market. And there are very specific cases where I use probiotic supplements with my clients,” she says.

However, for your daily dose of probiotics, choose a food source like sauerkraut, which contains pre- and probiotics and, as usually more accessible. “Food sources like sauerkraut are a much better option and often contain more strains of probiotics. And you don't have to consume a lot of them,” says Sorley. “For sauerkraut, you can start with one teaspoon a day.”

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