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The Dancing with the Stars winner splits from his wife after 11 years of marriage.

Ukrainian choreographer and dancer Max Leonov, who together with singer Santa Dimopoulos won the show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2020, has repeatedly amazed viewers with his talent and emotional approach to dance. However, Max recently shared important changes in his personal life in an exclusive interview for the SK Life channel.

Leonov and his common-law wife Yulia decided to separate.

We haven't lived together for almost a year. We separated. We were together for 11 years. A lot of questions have accumulated. No development. This is all difficult, of course, but we need to move on and develop,

Leonov said.

Time has put everything in such places. Everything has already been decided. “We haven’t had anything in common for about a year now,” the dancer added.

Although this period in Max Leonov’s life may be difficult, he is optimistic about the future and admits that it is important to move forward. His example opens the way for others who may be going through similar struggles, demonstrating that divorce can be the beginning of new, happier chapters in life.

Life is a dance, sometimes you need to change the movement and pace to find harmony and joy. Therefore, the artist continues his dance of life.

We recall that earlier Alexander Stoyanov hinted at a divorce from the famous ballerina Ekaterina Kukhar.

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