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The finalist of the national selection for Eurovision 2024 withdrew her candidacy

Participant of the National selection for Eurovision 2024, singer SKYLERR will no longer compete for a place to represent Ukraine in Malmö this year, writes WomanEL. The singer decided to withdraw her candidacy, she announced this on Instagram.

SKYLERR performed at the grand final of the national selection with the song “Time is running out”, which included the range of emotions that Ukrainians are now experiencing. With this composition, the artist wanted to convey that it is always important to remain humane.

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This decision was difficult for me, but still I’m talking about creativity, about music, about the stage, about the show, about work, about song, about YOUR people, about you, about all of us. Everything that is happening now is no longer about the above, and not about me,


One of the reasons for the singer’s decision was a glitch in the “Diya” application during voting for the winner.

Unfortunately, voting cannot be returned in the moment , and I trust precisely the moment. The votes may have been counted incorrectly. I am for a transparent and understandable vote,

the star added.

We would like to remind you that on February 3, it was not possible to choose a representative from Ukraine for Eurovision 2024. Voting has been extended until 19:05 on February 4. Users of social networks managed to make a lot of funny memes regarding the situation.

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