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The lead singer of the group Måneskin wore sexy clothes from the Ukrainian brand

Ukrainian designer products find their recognition in the very heart of the global music industry. A recent example of this is the member of the group “Måneskin” and the talented bass guitarist Victoria de Angelis, who amazed the world with her extravagant image, endowed with Ukrainian art, writes WomanEL.

At a photo shoot that became an announcement for her debut DJ tour, Victoria reflects the aura of courage and energy that characterizes her musical style. Her look is very expressive: a red latex bra and stockings from the Ukrainian brand “Anoeses” create an amazing contrast with microshorts and a faux fur coat. And the finishing touch to this artistic outfit was massive black shoes and bright makeup.

Victoria de Angelis presents unsurpassed images from Anoeses on his debut DJ tour. Source: vicdeangelis/Instagram

This bold choice not only emphasizes the individuality of Victoria de Angelis, but marks the importance of collaboration with Ukrainian designers in the world of musical culture. It is no coincidence that the star chose Anoeses for her impressive outfits – a brand that combines innovative design and sophistication.

Victoria De Angelis brings unrivaled visuals from Anoeses on her debut DJ tour. Source: vicdeangelis/Instagram

Victoria de Angelis' debut DJ tour, announced in this sensual and sophisticated way, is expected to be another step in her career that will increase the admiration and interest of fans.

By the way, Khloe Kardashian recently wore a blooming dress from a Ukrainian brand.

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