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The name of the new “Bachelor” has become known: fans are delighted

STB TV channel was pleased to announce the new 13th season of the top reality show “The Bachelor”. However, this time the fans' expectations were exceeded, since the main character will be played by a real hero of our time, writes WomanEL.

Ukrainian girls will compete for the heart of the future “Bachelor”, and the lucky winner was 28-year-old military man, veteran and public figure Alexander “Teren” Budko.

The project team met Alexander last summer , when he participated in the filming of another program. Teren's confidence, charisma and deep sense of humor won the hearts of the team, convincing them that he would be the perfect candidate for the role of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor returns with a famous military man. Source: instagram.com/grisha_reshetnik

Alexander Budko, who had previously been involved in sports, design and worked as a barista in the capital, gave himself to defend his native land, joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a volunteer when the aggression of the occupiers began. At the front, he received the call sign “Teren” and became a platoon commander of the 49th separate rifle battalion “Carpathian Sich”.

Unfortunately, as a result of being wounded at the front, he lost both legs and had to use prosthetics. However, this tragic circumstance did not break the spirit of Alexander, who continues to lead an active lifestyle and supports other military personnel.

“The Bachelor” returns with a famous military man. Source: instagram.com/grisha_reshetnik

Network reaction:

  • Finally, a truly worthy candidate;
  • I’m looking forward to this season;
  • The Bachelor is the best, but how can the empty dolls who came be his match?

It is expected that the new season of “The Bachelor” will bring not only new romantic relationships, but will also attract public attention to important issues of veterans and their heroism. The release date of the program remains a mystery, but presenter Grigory Reshetnik is already urging viewers to prepare for a new exciting season.

By the way, “The Bachelor” star Mikhailyuk and model Dasha Khlystun recently became parents.

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