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The path to independence: how to prepare a child for responsibility

The development of basic independence and competence in children is an important part of their education, write WomanEL. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences and scientific researcher of the project “The World Watches for the Creatures”, Angelica Tsimbalaru, spoke about how to help children develop self-reliance.

ContentGive children the opportunity to praise the decisions of power. Start children to plan their time. Develop the skills of homework. Learn with power. The importance of creative creativity in the life of a child

Give children the opportunity to praise the government's decisions

Children can create speech independently within 3 years 4 rocks. Therefore, make up your mind more often to choose between the clothing options you have chosen, and even more so. Whose children will always realize their importance and importance.

Get your kids to plan their time

Work out the daily schedule together with your child. This is the time to start, do homework, get things done, and igor. Illustrate in real life how planning your time helps you get more information and achieve better results.

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences and scientific researcher of the project “The World Checks the Wings” Angelica Tsimbalaru. Dzherelo: WomanEL.

Develop your home knowledge skills

Delegate the singing of home languages ​​to your children. Activities such as tidying up your room, preparing awkward ingredients (sandwiches, porridge, etc.), setting the table, or sorting food items. This will not help them to feel brown, and to develop in them the skills of independence and resilience.

Whip with a wet butt

The best way to teach a child independence and responsibility is not to be a butt for her, but to share with the child herself. If you decided to play football in the evening, then finish the meal without leaving it for another hour. If you have planned a weekend walk, then don’t ruin those plans. The child will inherit your children and grow exponentially.

The importance of mysticism and creativity in the living child

Mystery and creativity lie down to the key officials in the development of the skin child. By shaping your child's mind to create creativity, we do not lose creativity and creativity, but encourage the development of emotional intelligence and self-expression.

Tell your child about your emotions in the world in art, encourage them to engage in painting, music, dancing and Other types of mysticism – let alone! This is the powerful choice of a child. Allow your little one to express himself freely and do not criticize. However, since your child will not become a professional musician, artist or dancer in adulthood, then creativity still plays a role in the development of important skills, unlocking their potential and achieving success in life. i.

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