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The Perfect Body for Swimsuit Season: A Workout That Will Prepare You for Summer

Starting a workout program for swimsuit season seems like an overwhelming task. But you have a couple of weeks to bring yourself and your body closer to your cherished goal. What workout is best for burning belly fat?

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Meet the Expert

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Which workout is best for burning belly fat

Perform the plank until you can hold it for 90 seconds – do as many sets as you need to achieve this goal. Between sets, rest for as long as you held the plank. So, if you held this exercise for 30 seconds on your first set, rest 30 seconds after that set. Continue doing the same with the side plank on both sides. As you get stronger, increase the length of time you hold each position.


  • Hold for 90 seconds.
  • Rest: as long as you hold the plank.
  • Get into a push-up position, then bend your elbows 90 degrees to forearms lay on the floor. Tighten your abs and keep your body in a straight line for as long as possible.

Side bar (left)

The photo shows how to do a side plank, Source: freepik.com

  • Hold for a total of 60 seconds.
  • Rest: as long as you hold the side plank.
  • Lie on your left side, placing your left forearm on the floor for support. Lift your hips up so that your body forms a straight line and tighten your abs – your weight should be on your left forearm and the edge of your left foot.

Side bar (right)

  • Hold for a total of 60 seconds.
  • Rest: as long as you hold the side plank.
  • Do the side plank as above, but on the right side.

In addition, we advise you to pay attention to your diet. Make these changes to your morning routine.

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