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The price of the most popular vegetable unexpectedly increased in Ukraine

Ukrainians should prepare for the fact that their favorite vegetable, cucumber, has become much more expensive. According to the EastFruit analytical platform, prices for greenhouse cucumbers in the country increased by 17%. This is an incredible increase in price that could affect the daily diet of many citizens, writes WomanEL.

Currently the cost of a kilogram of cucumbers ranges from 90 to 135 hryvnia, which is a significant increase compared to last week. This is no longer just a price increase, but a real blow to consumers.

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One of the main reasons for this rise in price is imported products, which, according to experts, are becoming less and less quality. Many Ukrainian companies are forced to turn to import suppliers due to the limited volume of domestic production.

Rising prices for cucumbers: a new reality for consumers and vegetable producers. Source: minnetonkaorchards.com

Currently the main supplier of cucumbers on the Ukrainian market is Turkey, but a significant increase in prices for this vegetable has been recorded there. At the same time, those small batches of cucumbers that enter the Ukrainian market have low volumes. Many companies refuse to cooperate with suppliers due to low quality products.

The situation becomes even more complicated due to the fact that national producers rarely provide sufficient volumes of greenhouse cucumbers to the market. Sales of cucumbers in Ukraine are on average 70% more expensive than in January 2023.

Despite this, many market participants believe that this situation is a temporary phenomenon, and prices will be settled in the future. By the way, it recently became known how much food prices will increase in 2024.

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